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According to the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales dropped 6.4% in December of 2018. As such, it is a competitive market for existing home sellers and a great time to buy an existing home that might need a little work. Whether you are trying to sell your home, buying a home that needs some improvements, or maybe just looking to make some improvements to your current home, there is nothing that changes the look, appearance, and feel of a house like new tile. 

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, installing tile in your living room, or remodeling a bathroom or shower, the tile experts at Hollywood Tile have you covered. Hollywood Tile is the most well established and well respected tile installation company in Los Angeles, and our tile installation specialist are ready to help improve your home today!

Types of Tile Installations we Perform 

Kitchen Tile Installations in Los Angeles  

Did you know that remodeling a kitchen often yields a 100% return on investment in added home value? The reason so many people find a newly remodeled kitchen appealing is, it changes your entire perception of how a house looks and feels. Moreover, the tile options for kitchens are practically limitless. 

Whether you are thinking of a nice mosaic backsplash for your kitchen walls or installing a granite or marble tile floor, the tile installation experts at Hollywood Tile have the expertise needed to complete your kitchen remodeling project quickly and efficiently, and we have an extensive amount of experience installing a wide range of different and unique types of tile including:

  • Glass  
  • Limestone
  • Marble 
  • Porcelain
  • Granite 
  • Ceramic 

Living Room and Bedroom Tile Installations   

Are you tired of shampooing your carpets or constantly vacuuming? Most people are simply too busy to maintain carpet, which is why a vibrant easy-to-clean tile floor can be a game changer. Hollywood tile offers hundreds of different styles, finishes, and designs that can change the way you look at your living room or bed room. 

All too often we meet homeowners who have spent thousand of dollars replacing carpet over the years only to realize that they weren’t really fixing the ultimate problem, but after installing a newly finished marble, granite, or ceramic tile floor in their living room, bedroom(s), or entire house, they suddenly realize the benefits that having a tile floor yields to a homeowner such as:

  • Tile is much easier to clean and maintain 
  • A food or drink spill is no longer an expensive mistake, because it can be easily cleaned up without leaving a stain 
  • Tile lasts much longer than other flooring options 

Bathroom Tile Installations Los Angeles  

Water stains, mold, or chipped tile are just a few reasons that your bathroom might need a serious makeover, but the tile installation experts at Hollywood Tile have you covered. Our tile installation experts have over 20 years of experience installing tile floors, showers, and counter tops. Make your bathroom something all of your friends and family admire by installing a sleek porcelain tile shower or a stylish granite tile floor that changes the entire appearance of your bathroom. Regardless of what type of installation you have in mind, the tile installation team at Hollywood Tile can do it all.    

Back Patio and Fountain Area Tile Installations

How do you enjoy the weather in the Golden State? If you are like most Californians, you spend a lot of time soaking up the sun, but why not make your back patio or fountain area into the perfect place to enjoy a nice meal, glass of wine, or a place to sunbathe by installing a tiled patio or fountain area that will last for years. 

Our portfolio is filled with homeowners who have transformed their backyard into an eloquent outside addition to their house by installing an exterior tile floor that makes spending time in the sun a whole new experience. Moreover, since Hollywood Tile is an installer, and not a tile retailer or designer,, you can choose any style for your back patio that is commercially available. 

Tile Installation Company in Los Angeles 

No matter what type of tile you want installed or what type of project you are planning, the tile installation experts at Hollywood Tile are the people to call for all of your tile installation needs. So, call our office today to discuss your project, and find out how our tile installation experts can help you. 


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